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Amazing Middle Eastern Gift Ideas

Finest premium culinary & arts from the Middle East

Saffron, Caviar, Pistachio, Nuts, Baklava, Turkish Delights

Chocolate Coated Dates, Whole Dates, Stuffed Dates

Handcraft (Minakari art & handmade enamel Jewelry)

and much more ...


Referred to also as Red Gold

The world’s most expensive spice


The black gold

is a luxurious appetizer

For the first time in
North America

Chocolate Coated Dates

Stuffed Dates with Nuts

Whole Dates

White, Dark and Milk Chocolate

Finest Middle Eastern pastries

Handmade Enamel Jewelry

with Copper


Premium Culinary

Saffron, Caviar, Pistachio, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Turkish Coffee and much more …

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Unique Artworks

Handcraft (Minakari art and handmade enamel Jewelry). Incredible Feeling of History!

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Middle Eastern Pastries

Sweets, Chocolate Coated Dates, Whole Dates, Stuffed Dates, Baklava, Turkish Delights …

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Caviar, Saffron, Premium Rose Water

Whole Dates, Stuffed Dates, Chocolate Coated Dates

Sweets, Baklava, Barazek, Ma’amul

Handmade Enamel Jewelry with Copper

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