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Necklace with Stones

Necklace with Stones


Handmade Enamel Jewelry with Copper – Designed by Arasteh

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Product Description

Minakari is wonderfully created art that originates from Isfahan in Iran. The feeling of history, art and copper are amazing for the human’s spirit and health.

Minakari art looks incredibly stunning since the very beginning. Artists from Iran nowadays use this art to create workings on dishes, necklaces, vases, frames, etc.

Kamran Arasteh Products are all Minakari Art inspired products that look stunning and are produced with great craftsmanship. There are tons of products that will satisfy your needs, but one thing is certain, no other art or accessory can offer health benefits too.

Among different metals, silver, and glaze, the Minakari art product contains copper. The copper has medicinal benefits for years. It is one of the most used metals in history.

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